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Western Specialties is the Composi-Sleeve™ solution creator, developer and manufacturer.
LMC Industrial Contractors is the manufacturer and supplier of the steel sleeves. LORD Corporation is the creator, developer, manufacturer and supplier of the chemical welding agents. Primoris Services Corporation, and their family of operating companies, is the trained and certified service agents/applicators of Composi-Sleeve™ pipeline repair system and projects.


An e-glass based repair system
that is one of the strongest in its
class able to repair all shapes and
sizes of pipelines and fittings.


A patented pipeline repair solution that
utilizes military-grade adhesive to attach
steel sleeves to the pipeline and not
having to use conventional “hot” welding
saving time and money.


A tank repair system that is
used for corrosion and leaks
while able to withstand the
dynamic movement without


Our newest repair solution that
utilizes fiber optic sensors imbedded
within our repairs that is able to
monitor the condition of the pipeline
as well as the repair itself.

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